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>> pelley: to >> pelley: tonight, the final seconds of flight 214. sy was the plane flying so dangerously slow? arneabout the pilot.hat we've analysis from veteran captain sully sullenberger, and anna werner on the rescue. >> when i got out of the plane, people were saying "run, run, run." and we just ran. >> pelley: dozens are killed protesting the ouster of egypt's president. clarissa ward in cairo on a deepening crisis. mark strassmann on the zimmerman was l. who was that screaming on the tr1 tapes? trayvon martin's father takes r windand. and the war winds down but americans are still dying in afghanistan. elaine quijano with a father's story. >> i am thankful that i was over >> there to be able to escort her home. to bring my little girl home.
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captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. goo >> pelley: good evening. we learned today that asiana airlines flight 214 was flying far too slowly in the seconds before it crashed while attempting to land in san francisco. hecky, as investigators theyinued to check every square speedf the wreckage, they told us the landing speed of the typing 777 was nearly 23% below what is typical for that type of ng traft. what they are still trying to answer tonight is why. when ea of focus is the pilot who was flying the plane when it crashed. it was the first time he attempted to land a 777 at the portfrancisco airport. we have a series of reports tonight and we will begin with john blackstone in san francisco. john? >> pilotsorter: scott, the four pilots who were aboard this plane are being interviewed
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today by investigators for the bo national transportation safety board. icia until those interviews are ittllete, n.t.s.b. officials are saying little about the pilot's ayle in this crash. fromstigators revealed today plane'ound debris from the waane's tail section in the t ocr beyond the edge of the runway, evidence impact occurred woma before the runway began. n.t.s.b. chairman woman deborah tionman. is in lower portion of the tail cone is in the rocks at the sea wall. there is also debris from the sea wall located several hundred feet up the runway. >> reporter: the initial examination of the boeing 777's voice and data recorders report everything was normal when the crew disengaged the autopilot on the 17-mile approach to san francisco. the weather perfect, the conversation with the tower routine. from his home on a hillside over looking the airport, this man thought he spotted something e airp
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>> what caught my attention was ughtas a little wobbly coming in ittle e landing. it didn't look like the way planes do when they're landing. >> reporter: a normal descent to runway 28 requires an angle that keeps jets well above san francisco bay. in a window seat, benjamin levy started to worry. >> i saw water and realized we way way too low but i thought "he knows what he's doing." o> reporter: the plane was also flying about 40 miles an hour slower than a 777 normally does before touchdown. at seven seconds before impact, a member of the flight crew peeded for increased speed. four seconds before impact, the flight controls began to shake, losegnal the plane was close to losing lift or stalling. with just 1.5 second before atting the ground, the flight crew attempts to aboard the landing and initiate a go-around for another try. jet' cell phone video shows the jet's tail clipping the water and sea wall at the end of the runway.
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the plane slid along at over 100 miles an hour before skidding to a stop. those in the rear of the jet bore the brunt of the impact, suffering severe injuries to the spine and neck, but most passengers toward the front were unharmed. kitty zhang climbed out a hole in the fuselage. hole had the time to walk out because the hole was very close to my seat so i take my baby and just take my carry on baggage and walk out quickly. >> reporter: some passengers tra trapped in the jumble of seats and luggage. the plane's chief flight attendant says two of the ted gency slides inflated inside her plane, trapping another lytendant. but the fire that eventually burned away much of the roof spread slowly, giving passengers a chance to escape. investigators are looking at whether construction on the runway played any role in the .ccident. ere piece of electronics that sn guide pilots on approach is at of service here, but, scott, it's only one of several ways pilots can be brought in for a safe landing here.
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>> pelley: john, thank you. caur years ago, u.s. airways captain chesley sullenberger made the most famous emergency anding of all time when he put his airbus a-320 down safely in the hudson river after a bird strike knocked out both the engines. sully is now a cbs news aviation consultant. sully, the safety board told us today that the aircraft was about 30 knots below its recommended air speed just before it crashed. what does that tell you? >> it's a very large deviation, especially for an airplane at such a low altitude, it's going to be important for the investigators using all their n man factors and knowledge to try to figure out not only what happened, how it happened but why it happened. u get ley: how do you get 30 knots below your air speed? >> the things they'll be looking at when they investigate this is whether fatigue was involved. this was an overnight flight of ten hours from seoul. these pilots were on their body clock about 3:30 in the morning seoul time when they're landing at 11:30 in the west coast. dis'll see if distraction was a
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factor, if the crew responsibilities in terms of the leadership and resource le management was effectively being rainin place. what kind of training they might have gotten. ow mmber of factors. we don't even know how many factors yet. >> pelley: these aircraft and the 777 in particular are so wondrously advanced in terms of their technology. their ten a day and age now where pilots are just sitting in n a daat while the airplane does so many things automatically heat the pilots have not had any th practice landing the notlane manually that way? >> that's a growing concern within the industry globally. ait we must remember is that each of these airplanes, no matter how sophisticated, is at its core an airplane. it must still be flown and flown well by human pilots. s teche to remember that even though this there's technology involved, human skill is involved and we must have enough practice that we can effectively manually control the airplane and even when we're using ally flogy, we must be engaged and aware and mentally flying the airplane even if the
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actuation of the controls is being done by a computer. >> pelley: sully sullenberger, sulk you very much. ley: onk you, scott. th pelley: of the 307 people on board, two were killed, both teenagers from china headed to seven camp. 39 people are in the hospital tonight, seven of them in critical condition. anna werner now on the rescue. >> reporter: rescuers say they arrived within minutes of the alarm. san francisco police officer jim cunningham was one of the first on scene. >> i saw the tail was gone on the plane and there was bodies on the ground near the back of the plane... >> reporter: there were bodies on the ground? >> injured people. >> reporter: cunningham climbed through a hole in the tail section. >> you couldn't recognize it as a plane inside, a regular plane. everything was torn apart like a tornado went through there. >> reporter: it was destroyed? >> destroyed inside the rubble. >> reporter: in the middle of the rubble you have people who are trapped? >> yes, they here in their seats because they have back injuries. >> reporter: passenger eugene rah was in seat 3-k in the front of the plane.
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>> as soon as the plane stopped there was a moment of silence. no one said anything. no one screamed. no one cried for just a few seconds before people cried again. and i looked around, everyone was seated. i don't see any serious injury in the front part of the aircraft. >> reporter: when did you know that it was much worse than that? >> when i got out of the plane. people were saying, "run, run, run." and we just ran. >> reporter: but cunningham stayed to help free five trapped passengers from the approaching fire. unlike the firefighters, he did not have a breathing apparatus. >> i just couldn't let those people be in there by themselves and they were moaning. they weren't screaming but moaning inside the plane and they just had a helpless look on their face. and i wasn't going to leave them inside there. i saw black smoke filling up the cabin and then we're getting the
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last person out and this black fumes just... it was like an ocean wave coming towards us but we had to get those people out of there. just tried to hold our breaths between coughs. >> reporter: how close was it for people who were still inside? >> a couple minute later they would have been dead. the smoke would have come in and they would have lost their oxygen. >> reporter: those people would have been lost. >> lost. they would have been lost. >> reporter: the quick reaction is credited with saving lives, but, scott, the fire department is investigating whether one of the two passengers found dead on the runway may have been accidentally run over by one of anndepartment's own vehicles. >> pelley: anna, thank you. a massacre in egypt today has deepened the crisis there. last week, a military coup elerthrew egypt's first freely elected president. today 51 supporters of the ousted president mohamed morsi were gunned down, apparently by the army. led today the new president installed by the military said new elections will be held next year.
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rut after that massacre, opponents are calling for revolution. clarissa ward is in cairo. >> reporter: according to the supporters of ousted president morsi, soldiers opened fire on s be outside the barracks where they believe morsi is being held. this amateur video, which cannot ga verified, show clouds of tear gas amidst heavy gun fire. co as the sun rose, the clashes continued. this video appears to show a soldier firing down on protesters from a nearby roof top. hi m local hospital, we met he wahi moussa who was with the protesters at the barracks. he told us he was shot twice. ou're >> reporter: and you're sure it was the military? >> yes. >> reporter: but the military gave a very different version of events. it said soldiers had opened fire
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after the barracks had come under attack by what it called a plaorist group. state television played videos th rsat claim to show the morsi supporters had been armed. dr. moussa deny there had had been any provocation for the attack. >> reporter: the mass shooting has only inflamed a tense standoff between the muslim brotherhood and the military. thlling today's violence a massacre, the group urged its supporters to rise up against civarmy and egypt's top muslim cleric warned of civil war. ing elley: clarissa ward is iliting us now in cairo. clarissa, the president that was installed by the military has ordered an investigation of the shootings. cottthat had any impact at all? >> well, scott, it's not very likely to.
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thate's deep mistrust on both sides. ma each thinks that the other is manipulating the facts for their own political gain, and the fact of the matter is that neither president here-- not morsi who was deposed by the military and not adly mansour, the president appointed by the military, can say they are in charge of all of egypt. >> pelley: clarissa ward in cairo for us tonight. clarissa, thank you. in canada, eight more bodies have been recovered more than haudays after a runaway train that was hauling crude oil exploded in a gigantic fireball after derailing. 13 people are confirmed dead. n quns more are missing. much of a small town in quebec has been leveled. the train had been parked, but or sevw the brakes released and it sped downhill for seven we ha with more on this, we have mike .v. whong, a correspondent with global t.v. who's in quebec. 's knotell us, is there any more that's known about how this happened?
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tigaozens of investigators going over the scene, the nd tstigation could likely take nclut a year and the latest numbers that we have include 37 't ring. we don't really know what caused that train to run away and crash into the downtown core behind me. we do know, however, that there was a fire on that train up the eforks about an hour, an hour s exa half before it came here. that fire was extinguished, the train was left, fire officials were told it was a secure raiation, the rail company was e,ere, they left thinking hingything was okay. doesn't appear to have been. >> pelley: and what can you tell us about the cleanup now? >> this is an ecological disaster as well. this is mouth of the river right behind me and that's where all of this oil was spilled. it's gone down the river and there are ten communities that have been told to be careful about their drinking water. this river for a while is basically dead. on pelley: mike armstrong with global t.v. s goveyou, mike. texas governor rick perry makes an announcement that keeps
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be told that trayvon martin had marijuana in his system the night that zimmerman shot him to death. and about the 911 tapes that picked up the sound of someone screaming? last week zimmerman's parents insisted it was zimmerman. martin's mother insisted it was martin. today martin's father took the stand. mark strassmann is covering the trial. >> reporter: tracy martin told jurors sanford police detectives played this 911 call for him two days after his son's death. it included the sound of the fatal gunshot. >> i was listening to his life being taken and i was coming... trying to come to grips that trayvon was here no more. >> reporter: this murder trial is now focused on who is yelling for help on that recording. was it martin or zimmerman?
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family members of both men have testified and disagree. >> good afternoon, sir. >> reporter: chris serino, the lead investigator, recalled playing the tape for martin's father and his immediate reaction. >> "is that your son's voice in the background?" i think i said it differently than that but i inquired as if that was in fact his son yelling for help. he looked away and under his breath as i interpreted said "no." >> reporter: tracy martin testified he has heard that recording 20 times since the shooting and is now convinced that voice was his son's. he remembers his initial reaction differently than police. >> and what was your response? >> i kind of pushed away from the... away from the table and just kind of shook my head and said "i can't tell." >> reporter: prosecutors have to meet the higher bar here. they have to prove that voice was martin's right before zimmerman shot him. but, scott, zimmerman's lawyers only have to create reasonable
5:49 pm
doubt about whose voice it was. >> pelley: mark, thanks very much. the secretary of state's wife is in the hospital. we'll have the latest on teresa heinz kerry next. z kerry next. look at 'em.
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5:52 pm
own proposals. he said "oops." the family of teresa heinz kerry is not saying why she was rushed to the hospital yesterday, but the wife of secretary of state john kerry was upgraded today from critical to fair condition. heinz kerry is 74. she was treated for breast cancer four years ago. doctors in boston are continuing to evaluate her. country music star randy travis is in critical condition tonight. his publicist says that travis was admitted to a hospital in texas yesterday for a heart condition brought on by a virus. travis is 54 and has won six grammys. afghanistan is becoming a forgotten war. we'll remember one of the fallen heroes next. when i'm on my feet all day, my lower back acts up.
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>> with hotwire's low prices, i can cross even more places off my travel wish list. this year alone, i hit new york and texas. see, hotwire checks the competition's rates every day so they can guarantee their low hotel prices. >> men: ♪ h-o-t-w-i-r-e, ♪ those aboard asiana flight next weather talent appears at wx center with generic pinpoint filling monitor then we take >> pelley: finally tonight, the war in afghanistan is winding down but americans are still fighting and dying there. four were killed on the very day last month that the u.s. handed control over the country's security to the afghan army and police. among them was ember alt. elaine quijano has her story. >> there was a phone call you... nobody ever wants to get. >> reporter: charles alt was in afghanistan working as a civilian contractor when he got
5:56 pm
the call about his daughter, 21- year-old army specialist ember alt. she was stationed in afghanistan, too, just a couple of hours away from him. >> they took me to the mortuary and i viewed the body and... i didn't want to believe what i saw. >> reporter: what did they tell you about how she was killed? >> they told me she was killed from a rocket attack. they told me she didn't suffer at all, which was a big relief. >> reporter: specialist alt had worked has a mechanic at bagram air base. >> she told me a couple times that it is scary out there. but she also said she knew what her job was and she had to do her job to the best of her ability. >> reporter: her father accompanied her home. >> felt like the longest ride of my life. but i am thankful that i was over there to be able to escort
5:57 pm
her home, to bring my little girl home. >> reporter: charles alt was with her when she was brought to dover air force base in delaware. a week later, she was home in killeen, texas, where family and friends mourned her. it was june 28, the day ember alt would have turned 22. >> we commend to almighty god our sister ember marie alt. >> reporter: the next day she was buried with full military honors. four family members received flags: her husband, father, mother, and stepmother. each one was presented on behalf of a grateful nation. >> she's always going to be my little girl. always. >> reporter: what is it that you want them to know about your daughter? >> that she was willing to give everything. i want her to be their hero as well as mine.
5:58 pm
>> reporter: charles alt hopes his daughter's death serves as a reminder that even as the war in afghanistan winds down american troops continue to make the ultimate sacrifice. elaine quijano, cbs news, killeen, texas. >> pelley: and that's the "cbs evening news" for tonight. for all of us at cbs news all around the world, good night. closed captions is proudly sponsored by citracal. captioning sponsored by cbs captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh
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i'm allen martin. i'm elizabeth cook. those stories of sheer hero emerging - as federal investigators dig for cluest s-f-o... trying to figure out exactly what went wrong, on flight 4
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saturday. we have team coverage tonight. ann notarangelo has the dramatic first-hand accs om first responders. but first: len ramirez with the latest on the n-t-s-b investigation. [nats ]"this crew was vectod in for a 17 mile straight in final visual approach." thed of the national transportatn

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